Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hiking Oberg Mountain

Fall is the best time for hiking in Northern Minnesota.  The weather cools down, the fall colors are showing, and the long winter is just around the corner.  Oberg Mountain is near Lutsen.  The trail is 2.25 miles up and around Oberg Mountain.

The first overlook; we stopped here and ate our picnic lunch

The weather forecast said sunny, but it was definitely cloudy

Ollie the sweetheart

Expansive view to Lake Superior

One long orange tree among the green

I'm impressed--four kids looking at the camera with four smiles!

 Hiking order

Looking northeast

First look at Lake Oberg

A little bit closer

At this point, Ollie said we were on top of the world

Range of color on the leaves

One of many interesting growths on the trees

Tangled tree roots covered in moss

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