Tuesday, April 29, 2008


We had a couple of really nice days last week and went hiking nearby after Jackson got home after school. Now May is only a couple of days away and the forecast looks more like late February than late April.
We call Raina "Adventure Girl" when we go hiking because she's such a trooper. If she falls or gets dirty, she just gets right back up and keeps going. She's not scared to go up or down steep hills, and is curious about everything she sees.

Jackson had a Field Trip to day to Wolf Ridge Learning Center nearby. They ground their own wheat and corn and made muffins out of it, learned about hybrid vs. heirloom, and hiked to the top of the hill for a great view. Barry went along on the trip.
Remy is becoming quite the climber. He mastered the couch and Raina's bed a couple weeks ago. Today he climbed on a kitchen chair and then onto the kitchen table. He's keeping me on my toes!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


WARNING: Do not read if you are easily offended by "poop talk".
The other day when I was cleaning up in the kitchen, I noticed Remy had a paper clip in his hand. I washed my hands and as I picked him up to take it away, he looked like he was trying to swallow something. He no longer had a paper clip in his hand. It was not on the floor around him, either. (You can guess where this is going, right?) Yes, Remy swallowed a paper clip.
I've heard of kids swallowing coins and other small objects and passing them out the other end, so I figured if I watched Remy closely for any signs of discomfort and examined his poop for a couple of days, everything would be fine.
Happily, the next evening the paper clip came out without incident.
Babyproofing is not an easy job.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bottomless Pits

I've noticed lately that the kids must be growing and eating more as we rarely have leftovers anymore. Jackson is ALWAYS hungry and Remy will eat pretty much anytime we offer him food. Raina has always been a good eater.
In other news, I'm pretty sure Remy thinks he's a dog as he frequently "barks"; Raina thinks she's a princess; and Jackson . . . he's still the statistician.
Leaving you with a picture of the lake from last week.