Monday, November 30, 2009

Chex Deal

Our little local grocery store doesn't have a lot of great deals, but once in awhile something comes along. Last week they had Chex cereal for 3/$7.50, but they had a coupon in the ad for $3 off when you buy 3. I also used a $1/2 coupon, so I got 3 boxes of Chex for $3.50, or $1.17 per box. I can use these for Chex mix or puppy chow to snack on through the holidays.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm thankful for the big things like my family, our health, and salvation through Jesus, but I'm also thankful for less significant things, like:
Alakef Highlander Grogg coffee with
International Delight Hershey's Chocolate Caramel creamer
The Internet, which links me to the rest of the world
Living on the great Lake Superior
Yarn, for crocheting
A husband who keeps on going, even when the going gets tough
Jackson, who shares my love of reading and has read five of the 11 books he checked out at the library yesterday
Raina, whose artistic creativity must come from her dad
Remy, who tells me he loves me at least a dozen times a day
Ollie, who is learning so much these days
I am truly blessed!

Eleven Months

A couple days ago, Ollie turned eleven months old. He has five teeth (3 on top, 2 on bottom). His favorite thing to do is empty every shelf that is at his level. He can stand alone for a few seconds before he gets scared and sits down. He's starting to outgrow his 12 month clothes, so I got out the size 18 month boxes the other day. I can't believe next month he'll already be a year old!

Ollie finishes off Remy's cottage cheese

Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Groceries

You really can't beat the sales that come around holidays. Here are a few things I picked up on Saturday at Super One.
Kashi Go Lean was $2.99, used $3 coupon
Ritz Crackerfuls (2 boxes) were FREE when you buy Ritz crackers
Flavorite butter was FREE when you buy 5 Pillsbury products
Kangaroo pita pockets were FREE with coupon from Kangaroo
Other pictured:
Birds Eye frozen veggies were $0.97, used $0.35 coupons=$0.62 each
Green Giant Steamers were $1.50, used 2-$0.40 and 1-$0.50 coupon=$1.06 each
Swiss Miss hot cocoa was $1 each, used $0.50/2 coupon=$0.75 each
Philadelphia cream cheese was $0.97, used $1/3 coupon=$0.64 each
Not pictured:
Raspberry Jell-o was $0.67 each, used $0.50/2 coupon=$0.42 each
Fisher sunflower seeds were $1.29, used $1 coupon-$0.29
A & W Root Beer, Sunkist, Cherry 7-up 2 liters were $0.79 each
Stove Top stuffing was $0.97
Ocean Spray cranberry sauce was $0.97
Dole pineapple was $0.97
Farmland smoked sausage (like ring bologna) was $2, used $0.55 coupon=$1.45
Reddi Whip was $1.49, used $0.50 coupon=$0.99
Cool Whip was $0.97
Breyer's ice cream was $2.97, used $0.75 coupons=$2.22 each
And the star of the show: a 14+ pound turkey for about $5.50 ($0.38 per pound)!
I saved $113, or 44% this week.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Last Week's Deals

Jackson and Raina didn't have school last Thursday and Friday, so we took a trip to visit Grandpas and Grandmas. I always like to scope out the deals while I'm down there, and here's what I found:

Luvs were $6.99-$5 coupon=$1.99

Up & Up wipes (replaced Target brand) were $1.54-$1 coupon=$0.54 each

Glade Scented Oil products were $2.50 each and you get a $5 Target gift card when you buy 5. I used a $2/2 coupon, 2 "free refill when you buy a holder" coupons, and $1 coupon, so all 5 were $4.50, and I got a $5 gift card back. I can also get a $5 rebate from SC Johnson (the parent company of Glade) for buying three products, essentially making this deal a $5.50 money maker!
I also bought some straw cups for Remy ($2.89), striped pants for Raina ($2) and Paul Frank monkey pajamas for Remy--I forgot to pack PJs for him ($6.48).

I did a second transaction and bought two kits for covering windows in the winter. They were on sale for $8, I used 2-$1 coupons and my $5 gift card from the first transaction, for a total of $10.10 for both kits.

Overall I saved about 48%.


Hungry jack syrup was buy one get one free at $3.99. I used a $0.55 coupon and a coupon for free pancake mix when you buy syrup=$1.15 average for each item.
Snuggle was $4.59-$3 coupon=$1.59 each
Old Orchard apple juice was $0.99

I paid $8.14 total and saved $12.13, or 62%.

Cub Foods:

Ragu was $0.88 each.
We (mom and I) bought a few other things, including turkey at $0.39/pound, and saved 61%.

Monday, November 16, 2009


What kid doesn't love to play outside?

Friday, November 6, 2009

Groceries This Week

It had been almost three weeks since my last "big" grocery trip, so yesterday I took Remy with me while Ollie stayed home with Barry and Jackson (who stayed home sick from school). I saved 37%, or $125.22, by shopping sales and using coupons.
The best deals:

Two pounds each of shredded cheese, on sale for $4.99-$1.50 coupon=$3.49 each. I usually buy the smaller 2 cup packages; at this price they would be $0.87 each.
Betty Crocker cake mix and frosting:

Cake was $0.97 each, frosting was $1.49-$0.50 coupon=$0.99 each. If you buy 5, you get $2 off, so each cake mix=$0.57 and frosting=$0.59.
Bagels, English muffins and tortillas (Jackson likes bagels for breakfast quite often):

Bagels were $0.99 each; English muffins were $0.50 each, tortillas were $0.99.

Townhouse crackers were $1.97 each-$1.50/2 coupon=$1.22 per box; Dare Breton crackers were $1.99-$0.50 coupon=$1.49.
Baking ingredients:

General Mills whole wheat flour=$1.99
Fisher peanuts were $2.22-$1 coupon=$1.22
Nestle chocolate chips were $1.49-$0.50 coupon=$0.99
Cheap lunches:

Hormel Chili Masters were buy 1 get 1 free for $3.49-$2 coupon=$0.75 each.
Geisha tuna=$0.50 each

Caribou Coffee beans were $7.97-$2 coupon=$5.97
Not pictured:
I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, free with a huge jar of Skippy peanut butter
More Fisher sunflower seeds for $0.29 after $1 coupon
Yoplait yogurt: 12/$5, used $0.50/6 and $0.40/6 coupons=$0.34 each
E.L. Fudge cookies: Buy 1 get 1 free at $3.49=$1.75 each
Angel Soft toilet paper, 12 double rolls: $4.94-$0.40 coupon=$4.54
Sparkle paper towels, 8 pack: $4.94-$1 coupon=$3.94
5 pounds potatoes: Buy 1 get 1 free at $2.47=$1.24 each
Milk: $1.97 each (very unusual to see milk under $3 up here!)
At the end of all that, I did succumb to the "Hunter's Pack" of donuts--it was getting close to lunch time, I was hungry!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Jack O'Lanterns

Barry is the master pumpkin carver in our family. I just sit back and toast the pumpkin seeds when he's done.

All three pumpkins

Blue from Blue's Clues

Dora the Explorer

Megatron from Transformers

Fun with Pumpkins

The rain stopped long enough on Friday for us to take some pictures of the kids and their pumpkins before we carved them.

Try getting four kids to look at the camera at the same time.

Two out of four.

Getting a little squished.

Finally! Everyone is looking and smiling.

Raina will never pass up an opportunity to be in a picture.

Not too sure about the pumpkins.

Hey, what's this?

Being silly.

And finally, a smile from Ollie.

You may notice three pumpkins for the four kids. One was getting lots of soft spots in it, so we smashed it instead of carving it.