Saturday, January 30, 2010

Reward Time

Since the school year started, we've been having Saturday Morning Room Cleaning. The kids can earn up to five stickers depending on how well they pick up and put away the things in their rooms. When they get to 20 stickers, they get a small reward. Today we went to the local hardware and variety store to pick out their latest prize. Remy and Raina got new coloring books and Jackson got an Uno game. We also got some Smarties and gummy worms to share.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday's Website

I've written about Swagbucks before, but last week I cashed in $10 in Swagbucks plus $5 for doing surveys through HiPoints and ordered these from (free shipping through Prime, so these cost me $0, and I have $0.54 left):

A meat thermometer, so I don't either undercook or overcook big pieces of meat, and the 30 Day Shred, which is the cause of me wincing every time I sit down or get up. Hopefully I'll be seeing results soon!
Click the Swagbucks box on your right to check it out. Just search through Swagbucks and randomly earn points toward your own prizes. I get 100 points matched for anyone who signs up through my link--but you have to earn the points first by searching.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Spelling Bee

Recently Jackson participated in his school district spelling bee. He was one of three from his fifth grade class that got to compete, and the last of the three from his class to be eliminated at the district level. He was competing against 5th through 8th graders. Good job, Jackson!
By the way, the word that got him eliminated was denominator. He spelled it with a instead of i.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Fun in the Snow

We're experiencing a nice January thaw, so I bundled the kids up to play outside yesterday afternoon. They had great fun sledding down the bunny hill in our backyard.

Barry found this little sled in our garage. It's perfect for babies Ollie's age, who can't walk around in the snow. He really enjoyed being pulled around. He even went down the hill a few times!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

In the Mail

I've been getting some "good" mail lately. I got a sample of the new Wild Grape Pop Tart. It kind of has the flavor of grape jelly. I also got a coupon for a free Stacy's product, including pita chips, soy crisps or bagel chips.

I got two rebates back: $10 for Kraft Foods from buying 10 products and $5 from SC Johnson for buying 3 Glade Scented Oil candles and refills.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Super One Stock Up

After Pamida, we hit Super One. I hadn't done a major grocery shop since before Christmas--it was time! Overall I saved 36% ($128.77) by shopping sales and using coupons, and I got back a $1 catalina for buying Post Cereal to use on my next shopping trip. Poor Ollie must have been knocked out by his shots, because he fell asleep in the dairy aisle and didn't wake up until we left the store.

Yoplait yogurt: $0.50 each-$0.50/6 (used 2)=$0.42 each
Stoneyfield (organic) yogurt: $0.99 each-$0.50/3 coupon=$0.82 each

Campbell's tomato soup: $0.59 each-$0.40/4 coupon=$0.49 each

Cameron's whole bean coffee: $4.99
Planter's Harvest almonds: $3.99-$1 coupon=$2.99
Dole iceberg lettuce: $0.47
Wacky Mac: $1.25-$0.50=$0.75

Lots of meat! The family packs of beef had $2 off per pack Super One coupons, I used $0.75 printable coupons on the Gold'n Plump chicken breasts, thighs and Best O' Fryer, and the other chicken breasts were $1.99 per pound. The ground turkey was 2/$3-$1/2 coupon=$1 each

Dole celery: $0.97
Brownberry Bread: $1.99 (anytime I can get bread under $2 is a good deal!)
Super One cottage bread: FREE for buying two jars of Peter Pan peanut butter

Chi-Chi's salsa: $1.88-$1/2 coupon=$1.38 each
Marzetti dressing: $0.97 each
New York Texas Toast croutons: 2/$3-$0.55 (used 2)=$0.95 each
Hunt's ketchup: $0.97
Coffeemate creamer: $2.39-$1 coupon=$1.39

Taco Bell taco shells: $0.97 each
Bumblebee tuna: $0.59 each
Hospitality mini marshmallows: $0.77
Food Club saltines: $0.97
Amy's (organic) pot pie: $2.88-$1 coupon=$1.88
Yoplait smoothies: 2/$4, used 2-$1 coupons=$1 each, part of General Mills Buy $20, Get $5 off promo=$0.58 each
Snack Pack pudding: $1.25 each-$0.30/2 coupon=$1.10 each
Earthgrain thin buns: $2.99-$0.55 coupon=$2.44. Also used coupon for $1 off produce (that I would have bought anyway) when you buy Earthgrain buns=$1.44

Green Giant Steamers: 2/$3, used 4-$0.40 and 2-$0.50 coupons=$1.07 each, part of General Mills Buy $20, Get $5 off promo=$0.65 each
Birds Eye veggies: $0.97-$0.35 coupon=$0.62

Ten boxes of cereal:
Total: $2.49 each, used 2-$0.75 coupons=$1.74 each, part of General Mills Buy $20, Get $5 off promo=$1.32 each
Honey Nut Cheerios: $2.49 each, used 2-$1 coupons=$1.49 each, part of General Mills Buy $20, Get $5 off promo=$1.07 each
Post Raisin Bran: $1.88, used $1/2 coupon=$1.38 each
Rice Krispies: $1.49 each, used $1/2 coupon=$0.99 each
Post Shredded Wheat: $2.49 each, used $1/2 coupon=$1.99 each

Not pictured:
Yellow onions, 2 lb: $0.97
Fresh mushrooms: $0.97
Oranges, 4 lb: $2.97
Braeburn apples, 5 lb: $1.97
Fisher sunflower seeds: $1.29-$1 coupon=$0.29
Hefty One Zip quart size bags: $2-$1 coupon=$1

Pamida Double Coupons

Lucky me, Pamida was having double coupons this week, so of course we had to stop after Ollie's check-up. I used coupons on the following:

Welch's Sparkling grape juice was on clearance for $2.46, used $1 coupons doubled=$0.46 each
Ivory soap was $2.49, used $1 coupon doubled=$0.49
Pampers wipes were $8.99-$1 coupon doubled=$6.99
Bic razors (1 not pictured) were 2/$9, I used a buy 1 get 1 free coupon=$2.25 each
I also bought a 6 pack of socks for $6.99, used $1 peelie that was on the package=$4.99
and Suave deoderant for $1.49-$0.75 coupon doubled=FREE

I looked around at clearance items and found a 1" binder for $0.90 and 3 Christmas tins for $1.24 each.

Well Check

Ollie had his one year well child check-up today. He's about 21 1/2 pounds and 30 inches. Everything looks great! Only two shots today, and a blood draw to check for lead and iron levels. He got a rubber ducky in the lab, and the tech reminded me to take the Band Aid off his finger when I put him in his car seat. I probably wouldn't have thought to, but sure enough, I barely had him buckled and the Band Aid was already in his mouth!
Raina didn't have school today (they had a water main break at the school), so she came with us. She had a Subway certificate for the reading program at school, so we had lunch together after Ollie's appointment. It's nice to be able to spend time with 1 or 2 kids once in awhile!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

One Year Olds

It sure is fun watching Ollie learn and play these days. He started walking this week and looks so proud when he does.

Ollie tries to keep his balance

The other night, he was the only kid awake when I was doing dishes, and he sat emptying the cupboards, putting canned food in the blender, figuring out which lids go on which containers, and playing with the recycling. It kept him occupied the whole time I was doing dishes.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday's Website

I've spent a lot of time over the years nursing at the keyboard, browsing websites and bloghopping. Some blogs are inspirational; sometimes it's just interesting to see how other people live their lives. One blog I've been following for awhile is always good for a laugh: visit Poop and Boogies and see for yourself. It is written by a man with three young sons, who are often fodder for his blog.

Friday, January 1, 2010