Friday, August 31, 2012

Family Photography Challenge: Bugs

We were originally going to take pictures of animals, but other than an occasional squirrel or chipmunk running across the lawn, we don't see a lot of animals around here.  Taking pictures of bugs gave us the opportunity to practice taking pictures up close, zooming in with the lens, and focusing on the insect instead of the environment around it.  We don't normally get to see the details in the many bugs flying around our yard, and these photographs allowed us to see the insects in greater detail.

Grasshopper, by Raina

Bee, by Jackson

Dragonflies, by me

It must be dragonfly mating season, because all the dragonflies seemed to be flying around in pairs!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Family Photography Challenge: Hands

We've been neglecting our photography challenge lately, so this week we're going to try to take pictures every day.  This morning we took pictures of hands.

I took pictures of Raina's hands playing in the sand

Jackson took pictures of me harvesting a cabbage

Raina took pictures of Jackson gripping a football

 Raina was the last one with the camera, and she captured pictures of Remy making funny faces

Fishing on Lax Lake

My parents and sister's family stayed at Lax Lake for a mini vacation last weekend, and since they were so close by, we got to spend time with them as well.  The kids like to go on Grandpa's boat and fish for sunnies.

Ollie shows his true feelings?

Watch the bobber!

 Remy's first fish

Ollie didn't want to get too close to the fish

Raina's first fish

Jackson fished with the older kids